Arctic Film Screenings 4

Screening of Arctic films (free entry)

10.00–12.15    Arctic Films I

10.00–11.10    Canada

Last Days of Okak, CA 1985, 24 min., directed by Anne Budgell and Nigel Markham (EN)

If the Weather Permits, CA 2003, 27 min, directed by Elisapie Isaac (EN)

A documentary from the settlement of Kangirsujuaq in Nunavik. In this community on the shores of the Arctic Ocean, the streets are filled with children’s laughter and old people think about life. They are nomads from the vast plains. Teenagers imitate “southern” culture and play golf in the tundra, while older generations are slowly dying as all their culture seems to be disappearing.

Nowhere Land, CA 2015, 15 min, directed by Bonnie Ammaaq (EN)

This short documentary serves as a quiet elegy for way of life, which exists now only in the memories of those who experienced it. Bonnie Ammaaq and her family remember it vividly. When Bonnie was a little girl, her parents packed up their essentials, bundled her and her younger brother onto a long, fur-lined sled and left the government-manufactured community of Igloolik to live off the land as had generations of Inuit before them.

11.10–12.15    Siberia

The Bear Islands (Medvědí ostrovy), CZ 2010, 62 min, directed by Martin Ryšavý

A poetic documentary from the Russian Arctic. A group of men set out on a journey on the frozen surface of the East Siberian Sea and after a short travel they arrive at an abandoned meteorological station on Four-Columns-Island. They stay there for a few days, hunting and talking together. In the snowy landscape, people’s memories intertwine with the memories of old abandoned buildings. The place where time stopped a long time ago comes to life again with the visit of men and through film. When the men leave the station, it remains the same in its snow immobility, but the viewer has experienced its present and past. The film is a portrait of the landscape, its past and the man in it. In the film Bear Islands, Martin Ryšavý builds on his previous projects dealing with the Russian Far Eastern Republic of Sakha (Yakutia). The film focuses on people from the most remote part of this area, which is the Nizhny Kolymsk District, especially the inhabitants of the polar bear reserve, located on the Bear Islands in the East Siberian Sea at the mouth of the river Kolyma.

13.00–15.30    Arctic Films II

13.00–13.30    Greenland or Greenland/Denmark

Zephyr Flash of Light (Suiallak Qaammaallak, Vindpust Lysglimt), GL 2019, 25 min, directed by Laila Hansen

Greenland in the year 1015. A girl undertakes a spiritual flight into the future and lands in the same place one thousand years later.


Greenland Year Zero (Grønland år 0), DK 2011, 26 min, directed by Anders Graver, Niels Bjørn

13.30–15.00    Norway

Snow (Snø), NO 2013, 10 min, directed by Hans Otto Nicolaysen

A composer’s attempt to capture the sound of snow.

Frozen Heart (Frosset hjerte), NO 1999, 80 min, directed by Stig Andersen, Kenny Sanders

The documentary about the life of Roald Amundsen, one of the most famous polar explorers in history, offers unique shots of the period and shows the complex personality of this Norwegian celebrity from all angles. The film describes and analyzes Amundsen’s expeditions to the South and North Poles in an engaging way, preparations, failure and disappointment, moments of fame, the struggle for life in harsh conditions and personal disputes that accompanied the conquest of both poles. The film also describes Amundsen’s complicated relationships with three women and his unexpected death. Was Amundsen an ordinary man or a hero?


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