Programme for Children

Screening of the films:

Brumlik and Animuk (CZ 2011, 10 min, dir. Jan Bohuslav)






A fairy tale from Greenland. One of the many adventures of the bear Brumlik and his best friend – the Inuit girl Animuk.


Fimfárum of Jan Werich (CZ 2002, 100 min, dir. Aurel Klimt and Vlasta Pospíšilová)





A puppet film based on the book Fimfárum by Jan Werich. It includes fairy tales When the Oak Leaves Fall, A Dream Which Came True, Stingy Barbara, Frank the Fearless and Fimfárum. The movie won the Czech Lion – the main Czech Award – for the best movie, Section Art (Martin Velíšek) and a nomination for the best music (Miroslav Wanek). The original Werich’s voice from 60s, when he recorded these fairy tales for broadcasting, is used in the film.


Sep 17 2022


10:00 - 12:00


Reykjavík - Iðnó

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