Lecture “With a Yacht Captured in Ice” by Jiří Zindulka

Lecture by Czech sea captain Jiří Zindulka “With a Yacht Captured in Ice”, associated with the Czech translation of the book “Captured in Ice” by Julius Payer describing the two winters the expedition yacht ADMIRAL TEGETTHOFF spent near Franz-Joseph Land in the years 1872–1874. The lecture will be followed by Zindulka’s film describing he trip of the steel double-masted sailer SEELORD on 30/5–20/6/2010 on the route Akureyri (Iceland), Hrisey Island, Grimsey Island, Jan Mayen Island, the ice field near Greenland, Westfjords Isafjardardjup (Iceland) – a total of 1400 nautical miles.


Mar 04 2021




PRAGUE – Geophysical Institute ASCR
Boční II 1401, 141 31 Praha 4

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