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Film Screening: The Cuckoo (RU 2002, 99 min, directed by Alexander Rogozhkin, Sergei Aljoshetchkin)

It is September 1944, just before the end of the war between Finland and the Soviet Union. The Finnish “Nazi”, sniper Veiko, is chained to a rock, while Ivan, the captain of the Soviet Army, is arrested by the secret police. Both, sentenced to death by their own armies, escape their unfortunate fate at the last moment and accidentally find refuge with the young Sámi Anni. However, she does not see in them soldiers of enemy armies, but above all men. Each of the three understands only his/her native language: Finnish, Russian and Sámi. However, in the wilderness of the northern taiga, all of them have to live together for several days.


Sep 09 2021




PRAGUE – Evald Cinema
Národní 60/28, Praha 1

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