Arctic Film Screening II at the Student Club Kampa, USB

Screening of Arctic films I at the Student Club Kampa, USB (free entry)

19.00–19.30    Greenland

Zephyr Flash of Light (Suiallak Qaammaallak, Vindpust Lysglimt), GL 2019, 25 min, directed by Laila Hansen


Greenland in the year 1015. A girl undertakes a spiritual flight into the future and lands in the same place one thousand years later. (

19.30–19.40    Norway

Snow (Snø), NO 2013, 10 min, directed by Hans Otto Nicolaysen

A composer’s attempt to capture the sound of snow.

19.45–21.30    Great Britain/The Antarctic

The Great White Silence, GB 1924 (remastered in 2011), 103 min, directed by Herbert Ponting

The documentary was made by Herbert Ponting from 1910 to 1913 as a photographer and cameraman for the expedition of the polar explorer Robert Falcon Scott in Antarctica. He recorded scientific work in the camp, preparations for the trip to the pole, the majesty of the ice massif and the life of killer whales and penguins. The film, first shown in 1924 in a toned version, was restored by the British Film Institute to mark the centenary of the expedition.


Oct 21 2021




ČESKÉ BUDĚJOVICE - University of South Bohemia

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